Definitely not the second coming...

Foreplay  - Sophie Jordan

I was expecting more, a lot more form this book but all I got was a painful beginning, a so-so middle and a bearable ending. A lot of people will find themselves annoyed with Pepper's back and forth, her moments of clarity and moments of equally outrageous stupidity. I get really upset that in this book and all other NA books out there virginity=dumb and only a man's dick can ever get a girls brain to work. It defeats the purpose of a coming of age story.


Reece was okay but definitely not those charming, smooth alpha males. This book reads at times like its the underachieving cousin of Easy by Tammara Webber. Now that book was freaking awesome and since that one I haven't really read many great New Adult genre books. They mostly all read the same, follow the same plot, the same conflicts. This book isn't much different from the rest of the other New Adult ones out there, it has marginally better writing but that's pretty much it.