40%, 41%, 42%, 44%

Foreplay  - Sophie Jordan


If the stupidity doesn't end soon my eyes are going to end up permanently damage from rolling away in annoyance.



Allright, let me get this straight. He brought her up to his place, the tension is decidedly sexual, he advances on her and starts kissing her and then later tells her he doesn't do virgins? 


Then what fuck was he going to do when he took her to his room? Break out his chess set? Have tea on rose pattern china cups and plates?






Pepper you idiot girl;




I honestly feel like Pepper is just stupid and no amount of penis us going to cure her severe case of idiocy. I'm still holding out for Pepper to be likable but its like she gets this sudden moments of clarity and then has terrible moments of stupidity that aren't endearing her to me at all. If I was this guy Reece I would run the fuck away from her like my tail was on fire.