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A Princess of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Seelye


"....they were accompanied by ten or fifteen other women and youths, who, it seemed, formed the retinues of the two chieftains [that John killed].


They were not their families, nor their wives, nor their servants; the relationship was peculiar, and so unlike anything known to us that it is most difficult to describe." 


What the fuck are they then?



More travelogue writing.




The main character is so self aggrandizing, he speaks of himself as the best thing ever since sheep dung was found to be a good fertilizer. To top it all off, he is now a chieftain in the 'savage" tribe that kidnapped him and he has also saved the naked princess that was brought in captive.


Also, EVERY SINGLE sentence the princess, Dejah Toris, is mentioned the word beautiful is attached to her. It's like she has no other commendable attributes other than being a beautiful, naked female in need of rescuing... oh, shit I just spoiled the entire series and what it revolves around. XDDD