I need to have my name carved on my spot at the "Downer's Bench" since I'm in it so much

Through The Smoke - Brenda Novak

Sometimes, I feel like I expect too much out of books. Like this one, it had everything I could have possibly liked but the execution of the story as a whole wasn't really to my liking. I was expecting a Gothic romantic storyline but somewhere along the way all I got was a whole lot of fretting and hand wringing  from absolutely every character.


I liked Rachel but she fretted a lot most of the time. Truman was okay but he failed to turn my oven on. I could just not connect to either of them as a romantic proxy.  I also didn't fancy much the "who dunne it?" plot. I always tire of those books and this one was no exception.


Also, there was a lot of exposition that could have easily been edited out as it only serve to lengthen the book and not add much substance. The dialogue was okay but that first 'serious' conversation Rachel and Truman had, over rights and class and who killed his wife, read a little too convoluted for my liking. It felt like the author tried too hard to make it sound smart and deep.


I don't know, this book and I just didn't connect.