[Day 12 of Book Challenge] A book you both hated and loved

Spirit  - Brigid Kemmerer On Dublin Street  - Samantha Young Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflowers #1) - Lisa Kleypas Scandal in Spring  - Lisa Kleypas

It is a decidedly strange feeling when ones is hot and cold over a book but I have found many instances where this has occur to me. Of course, I have grown more and more cautious about the books I read but every now and then a book that leaves me discomfited rears its head on reading list.


Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer, I enjoyed the fact that this book centered on a character that had been much highlighted on the previous 2 books of the series but I hated how it read the same as the previous installments. We got absolutely NOTHING new regarding the Guides or who commands them at all.  Another thing that bugged me is the end, it just felt incomplete, when it came to the other two boys, I felt their story and personal journey's had been explore satisfactorily but with Hunter that just wasn't the case. 


On Dublin Street by Samantha Young, this book had its good moments but I felt Braden acted too much caveman like style and that Joss whole deal of writing down her parents lives into a book was written in a rather silly light. 


Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas, now I don't hate on this book but I felt, that compare to the rest of the series, this one did not have enough dialogue, there was too much exposition and I would have also liked that the differences between Simon and Anabelle had been remarked a lot more. 


Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas, I was wee bit disappointed with the man that Daisy ended up with, I kind of felt like Kleypas changed her mind from Cam to Thomas. I kind of felt like all the Wallflowers ended up with unexpected men but Daisy ended up with the "safe" choice that everyone approved of and it made it a bit dull a times.