Hotter than a volcano eruption [Fangirling ahead, steer clear of the potholes]

Mine Till Midnight  - Lisa Kleypas

So I admit to having avoided this book because I was never really sure about Cam and him being a romantic interest and all but....




Cam is soooo, hot. Really hot, like Lord Sebastian St. Vincent hot. Also, Sebastian makes an appearance and I just reveled in it because Evie and him are so perfect.


So back to Cam and Amelia, I found myself liking them so much. Amelia is this horribly responsible young girl that, because of conventions of her era, is labelled a spinster. However, she determinedly grabs the flag and start bashing heads with it, managing her whole family and stepping into her brother's shoes when he proves himself unable. She meets Cam and their first meeting is electric, all I could think was "Yes, Amelia get that..." 




So, yes, Amelia does get Cam and he is determined to marry and she is determine to run away from marriage and it's trappings. I could really feel their relationship growing, the passion between them was tangible and Kleypas wrote some of her best prose. Everything was so romantic and horribly hot I turned on the air conditioner... it's cold this time of year where I live. XDDDD


All I can say is 'Yes, Cam, come take me away on your horse.' XDDDDDDDDD