[Day 8 of Book Challenge] Most overrated book

 Well, what a thorny issue. Here are two books EVERYONE has loved to pieces and I have hated with a passion. I do, however, have a whole shelf with books that I have rage about right here. Knock yourself out. XDD


You are free to unfriend me after this. XDDD



I hate on this book and the entire series with the passion of a thousand blazing suns. ALL my friends and people I followed adored it and want Barrons but I just. HATE. ON HIM. His use of force on MacKayla is scary beyond belief and the way he uses her for his purposes without a second thought to her as a person was shocking. It is also disgusting how Mckayla falls on an abusive relationship with him and by the end of the series believe him essential to her survival when he is nothing but dead weight.

I also can't stand the sexualyzation of violence against MacKayla or how she is dismissed and abuse even by the male who is supposed to be her love interest. Mackayla ALWAYS needs a male to protect her over and over again. She continues to be abuse and harassed by any and all males. Her hootch continues to be the ultimate prize, and while Moning attempts to give her an edge, all she succeeds in doing is just making her sound ridiculous because she reads disjointed. 



I hate it on this story because it romanticize an asshat, Willem, and made Allison looked like a sheltered girl when in reality she was really dumb as bricks. I can't stand to look at the cover without wanting to smash it. Boys and Girls of all ages, this book is the perfect example of what NOT to do while abroad. Do not romanticize this boy or this story.