[Day 7 of book challenge] A book that makes you laugh

Most of the books I read are all serious in some form or another. I don't really actively seek out to read comedic books because most of the time they sort of fall flat with me. Here are a few books that have given me a few good laughs.


Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews, this book and series while quite serious have some of the most remarkable dry and sarcastic humour around. I find myself chuckling at the morbid and sarcastic jokes written in it.


Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas, while quite serious and dramatic, Kleypas does write a lot of witty dialogue that has you chuckling in delight.


Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, this one is lighthearted and comedic in nature, I like the love story and while at times I felt that there was much hand wringing there was a lot of funny moments that made it worth my while.


I noticed I have so far mentioned a lot of Kleypas books while writing for the book challenge. Next time, I'll try to diversify a bit more.