Enemies turned lovers

Married By Morning - Lisa Kleypas

Leo has grown up from his self destructive ways and has finally being able to leave Laura, his previous fiancee that died of scarlet fever, behind and it turns out that he is in love with no one less than Catherine Marks the family governess. We finally get to find out what gives Catherine nightmares at night and Leo finally gets to behave a little bit less than his usual amoral self. 


Leo and Catherine's relationship is the equivalent of children in the playground that don't know how to express their feelings and there Cat resorts in kicking his shins and Leo pulls her pigtails and puts bugs on her hair. These two are nothing short of hilarious together and seeing them grow together into their relationship is a true delight. 


It is amazing how much I am enjoying each and everyone of Kleypas books. I would have already found something to gripe about at this stage but everything is so perfect.