Night Blade (Colbana Files, #2) - J.C. Daniels Edit: April 1/2013.All right so I am ready to write a proper review to this amazing follow up to Blade Song. Seriously, it was a a wild ride but above all I just liked Kit so, so, so much. She is such a fighter and when the shit hits the fan she fights, and fights, and fights and never, ever gives up. I love her.Also, I wasn't really surprise when Kit and Damon broke up, their relationship was having problem from the get go and protagonist of long standing series always break up with their first bf, I love Damon but their is so much to deal with and right now them being together will not help anything. Kit needs time on her own and he needs time on his own as well. Will they get back together?I don't know, honestly it would take a lot of work from both their parts to go back into a relationship and I also feel Kit may have her own personal journey to power and self growth and that journey may not include Damon and I am okay with that. This is Kit's story, this is not the story of kit being constantly save by her much powerful cat bf and she needs to overcome her personal demons on her own. I never thought this series would develop such a intricate and long running plot, I thought it would be pretty episodic in feel and God I am so happy I was wrong. I see a whole plot and it all goes back to Kit's crazy bitch of a Grandmother and her heritage. I just can't wait for the next instalment to this series in 2014, I just know Kit is going to kick in the teeth of all her demons and come out on the other awesome. -----------------------------------March 31/2013.So many emotions at the moment.Oh, my God, Kit! Oh, my God, Damon!Oh, my God, the ending!Uploaded with