The Assassin's Curse (The Assassin's Curse, #1) - Cassandra Rose Clarke Actual rating: 1.5 starsI had high expectations for this book, I mean, look at the cover and the way the tittle is all done in those fancy letters. Alas, my expectations where too high to be met satisfactorily. *sighs*The setting was nice and the concept was intriguing, Annana and Naji had their moments but... it fell flat. The execution of the story was poorly done. Annana escaping that first time from her arrange marriage felt random and impulsive. Later when she saves Naji from the snake and he from then forward cursed into protecting, I mean, I know it sort of sounds awesome but the execution of that moment is terrible and it come off as sounding like stupid ass reason.Afterwards, they go traipsing around in the desert and there is a meh fight, we meet some nasty woman and then there is even more journey, this time by sea. It was all kind of boring and there wasn't enough description about the settings the characters where in, I mostly had to imagine stuff on my own. Later, when they finally get to the island there is more boring stuff happening and then well... nothing, really because Naji never finds a cure for his impossible curse since the cure is impossible itself and that is the end folks. And...................................................Ughhh!There where some moments where I was mighty confused as to what the hell was going on mainly because the author is not explaining what is happening properly, the characters know what happened but the reader doesn't and you sort of have to piece it together on your own or else you out on a loop and don't even know what the hell happened. Also, Annana comes off as really naive for being the daughter of a pirate and having lived all her life in that seedy world.Uploaded with