An enjoyable read

Scandal in Spring - Lisa Kleypas

While I did not enjoy Daisy's  story as much as I enjoyed Lillian's or Evie's it was really entertaining at times and I laughed quite a bit. 


I really connected with Daisy when it came to her loneliness, here she is, the last of her friends to still be single and she is undoubtedly lonely because she no longer has her playmates around her anymore. Her sister, Lillian, is pregnant and soon to give birth, Evie is busy with her husband, Anabelle has a lot in her hands with her new baby and all of that has left Daisy by herself in her adventures. It was really touching to watch her struggle to find her place.


I can't say I fell in love with Matthew but he had his charms and it was rather touching just how much he had pinned after Daisy, how much he loves her. There where some entertaining moments between the two that made me laugh out loud and more than a couple witty lines. However, the fourth installment to this series kind of fell flat for me if I where to be honest. It never truly reached the intensity that Lillian and Westcliff evoke in me or the passion between Evie and her devil of a husband, Sebatian St. Vincent, did in her other books.


Maybe it is a sign of Romance genre fatigue.