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Smooth Talking Stranger (Travises, #3) - Lisa Kleypas

I swear, I am becoming a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas, I have honestly loved or enjoyed at least in passing every single one of her books. She is like romance crack and she is able to write fresh new character each and everytime within the cliches of Chick Lit and the Historical Romance Genres. Each and everytime that I think I will not be able to like the hero or find heroine likable at all Kleypas turns it around and I find myself emotionally connecting with what she writes. 


It was great, I love Jack and I liked Ella and I liked the ending. Their progression was so natural and playful and Ella really struggle with real life issues in a way that I found satisfying and not annoying at all. Me and contemporary just don't mix but Kleypas has restore my faith in the genre as well my ability to enjoy Chick Lit without falling asleep and not finishing a book.