The Hallowed Ones - Laura Bickle It was good, it had its problems and I feel that it should have a warning that if you have some pretty set religious beliefs on who goes to heaven or what is sacred, then you might find the underlying message of all religions being a different way to the same God, offending perhaps. Religion and what is sacred and religious fanatical is a big theme in this book. The plot sounds simple and overused enough, a worldwide infection sets in and people turn into monsters that eat their neighbours. What really set this book is that is set in an Amish community and the heroine goes through a crisis of her beliefs, she begins to question everything that she was taught and if following after the footsteps of her family and ancestors is what is right for her. The writing is pretty good, really suspenseful and the world building and description of Amish is really good. I feel, however, that this book would have benefited from 70 to a 100 pages more and a few more action scenes, it does slow down at times. BUT when the action comes it does get quite horrific and gory. I don't recommend this book to anybody who has a weak stomach or can't take gore.