[REBLOG] Privacy Policy? Something for GR refugees to contemplate

For those of us concerned with public profiles(pages, blogs, etc), which I suppose is ridiculous, since anything we post on the intrawebs is likely accessible in some form or another, but I noticed earlier when I was optimizing my profile/blog content for cross-browser testing, and was able to view my blog without being logged in, indicating its public access. I started reading the privacy policy for instructions on how to locate the settings for closing up those loopholes, but at this point in time, the privacy feature is not included into our BOOKLIKES experience. I seriously hope BLs changes this policy in the nearest-closests-todayish future. :D Nevertheless, this hasn't changed my decision to eventually migrate to BL entirely, considering the fact that our GR reviews were public/search-engine friendly as is.





User Content: By default, all sharing through the Services is public, and when you provide us with content it is published so that anyone can view it. Although we do provide tools, like password-protected blogs, that let you publish content privately, you should assume that anything you publish is publicly accessible unless you have explicitly selected otherwise. Content published and shared publicly is accessible to everyone, including search engines, and you may lose any privacy rights you might have regarding that content. In addition, information shared publicly may be copied and shared throughout the Internet, including through features native to the Services, such as "Reblogging." While you are free to remove published pieces of content from or delete your Account, because of the nature of Internet sharing, the strong possibility of Reblogging of your content by others, and technological limitations inherent to the Services, copies of that content may exist elsewhere and be retained indefinitely, including in our systems.