The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson This book is a hard one to rate, on one hand I really liked the characters and their interactions and thought the plot was thought provoking on the other hand it was written in a such a boring manner. Now, granted this book never had a chance to properly edited by its author as he died, and methinks he never thought about publishing this, and somebody else decided to get it published after his death.Mikhael and Lisbeth are interesting characters, Lisbeth more so than Mikhael. Their relationship is solid and engaging, the book actually picked up when they interacted but most of the time this book is a chore to read, especially when it came to solving the mystery, some parts are pretty gritty and shocking so there is a squick factor involved here. Now here comes the part where I man up (Heh! XDD I'm a woman) and confess that I actually listened to the audiobook and did not read this book. I honestly wouldn't have been able to go through with it if I had have to read it. So buy the audiobook, its better, though I wasn't all that thrill with the voice actor.