Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor Allright, I finish this book in a bit of a disappointment really, it started out so good, peak at about page 138 and then just boring and confusing. It all started out really good with its urban fantasy setting, Kauro interacting with her Chimera family and thinking herself human (and me thinking she was half human) going through Paris hauling elephant tusk was a highlight for me and the subsequent scene in Marrakesh meeting her love interest was fast pace and full of gasping inducing action. But after this it got confusing, chapter 21 started out so strangely with a flashback and then suddenly Kauro out of nowhere explaining to us that she has been going after all the people that Brimstone (her chimera guardian/parent who is a sorcerer) did business with and stealing away high powered wish tokens got me really confuse. Why it got me confuse and a little upset?Because it felt like lazy writing, here was a great opportunity for Kauro to go around being bad ass and getting stalk by an angel (Akiva who has a weird name) but instead we only get the last part of this "hunt" she undertook.Later, we get her hanging out with her friends, who I care absolutely nothing for and doesn't add to the story. I was starting to get bore at this point, the heroine is not getting flesh out enough for me and she is starting to feel very 2 dimensional in regards to her motivations and actions. All she does is feel lonely, confuse and in need of a boyfriend... or something. *sighs*We get a whole chapter from Akiva's POV, and the story picks up a little but its really marginal because he is as depress and lonely as the heroine. However, we get some sense that he lost a lover some years ago and that for some reason his subconscious is hanging onto Kauro and her lovely face and connecting both women in his life. He display stalker behaviour and watches Kauro sleep and for some reason is falling in love with her... even if he did try to diced her to pieces in their first meeting and left her worse for wear. I am really not buying the love story to tell you the truth, I just don't feel it because there is really zero interaction (besides Akiva trying to dice and murder Kauro, because for some reason they are enemies but we really don't know WHY at all so its really confusing) and development between these two. Later on they meet again and he sort of takes a beating (because Kauro is angry that he tried to murder her) and does a good emo impression and Kauro's black heart is move by this and she takes him over to her apartment to heal.... Wait, what?!This guy almost sliced her to ribbons once and Kauro brings him into her home because he begged her to stop and that he wanted to talk to her and find out what is between them? *eye roll* Maybe I am being a little harsh, I'm sorry to all the people who find my reviews on the nasty side but I really wanted this book to happen. I was so on board with the star cross lovers romance, with the urban fantasy setting, with Kauro hauling teeth the world over that it made me so sad and upset when the storyline fell apart and took a tour down "what in the world did I just read" lane.The book got so strange and it completely did a 180 over the initial storyline. It fell like the author wrote two different books, then slashed the ending on both and fuse the two beginnings together. Its just so weird, and in my personal opinion not a good weird.I am giving this book 3/5 stars because the beginning was so good and fast paced and really original. Because I really liked the way things where going and because I really enjoyed the first interaction between our star cross lovers. The rest however... I just don't know how to say this, but it was bad.