The Texan's Bride - Linda Warren Where to start? Jessie is a woman child to the third degree, she has 0 self confidence and everybody around her smothers her to death trying to coddle her and keep her safe. Cadde is so generic and boring to read, he has 0 personality, 0 charm, 0 sex appeal. He is so bland that plain quinoa poultice would taste like the best thing ever if they where ever to compete. Their relationship is one sad attempt at having a life and one creepy, manipulative move from Jessie's father. Despite the fact that this is supposedly a contemporary romance it reads like it is set in the 1800 for all the freedom that Jessie gets. Seriously, here is Jessie a grown woman who has come into power of a great inheritance, she has the freedom she never had before, she could take control of her company, travel the world, have affairs with men who like her and not Cadde who has ignored her for so long and hasn't even tried to befriend her, instead here she is trying to trap a man who has never given her any indication that he ever like her into having a baby. Uploaded with ImageShack.usI mean come on Jessie, divorced his ass, take control of your dead father's company and find yourself a love who will like you and treat you right. All in all, halfway through it I just couldn't finish it.