My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick I am kind of pissed at how freaking expensive this book is, I mean, $13 for a digital copy is really a lot, especially when you find quite a lot of mistakes and sentences that just don't make sense at all. It drives me crazy when books that come from a big publisher have mistakes in them. Didn't they go through a professional editor?Uploaded with ImageShack.usNow onto the review.Jase, the love interest is damn perfect, he is like perfect boyfriend material but alas his awesomeness could not eclipse Samantha's complete lack of a backbone, her awful witch of a mother and her "best friend", viper Nan, who is a jealous bitch. His family was fun to read except when they got really annoying. Their relationship is sweet but, to be honest, it felt like Samantha was escaping a reality at home and was using Jase to live another life and not really facing up to reality. Samantha never sounded honest to be and I couldn't truly understand the choices she made when she broke up with Jase. Her motive sounded stupid and shallow except we are supposed to believe she is really making a huge sacrifice. The subsequent way she hides her head in the sand and keeps this awful secret from Jase that is really tearing him apart, and his family, made me really angry at her. We are not talking about small things here folks, we are talking about people's LIVES, and yet she cries and wallows until SOMEONE ELSE has to come to and make her fess up. Uploaded with ImageShack.usI really kind of wished that Jase has dumped her lying ass, it made me angry that he forgave her shit because what she did was really messed up, keeping quiet about the person that almost killed his dad. That shit is wrong!And the ending, I just didn't get it at all, it didn't feel like closure at all, it just felt like the author got tire of writing and slap some stuff together, avoided the hard issues, and ended the book. I returned this book, way too much shit to end up paying for it.