Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1) - Stephanie Perkins This book was tons of fun, I really liked the characters, I loved the settings. Uploaded with ImageShack.usI would have killed to be in Anna's place. I mean, your whole senior HS year in Paris? How cool is that?!This book wasn't perfect there where some parts that slightly annoyed me but as a whole it was tons of fun and the perfect book for me after the debacle that was Taking on the Dead that book had left a bad taste in my mouth but Anna and the French Kiss rinse it right out and left me smiling.So, boy meet girl.Uploaded with ImageShack.usAnd its love but of course there tons of obstacles in the way and teenage drama ahoy. Uploaded with ImageShack.usBut things get resolve and really everything falls into place. I really liked Anna and Etienne's relationship and how things developed between them. Yes, sometimes there was a bit too much drama but what can you really expect from teenagers trying to grow up? A molehill is a mountain and a puddle is an ocean to drown in. XDDD The setting really did help things along and you kind of get lost discovering Paris along with Anna. It was tons of fun and the writing was descriptive and engaging enough. This whole book was really great and entertaining. I loved it.