Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder Actual rating: 1.5 starsUploaded with ImageShack.usI don't know with this book. I just could never grasp Yelena's character, she was all over the place. One minute a trusting girl and the next a bitter young woman. Valek was okay and interesting at times but he wasn't given enough screen time with the heroine for me to truly appreciate him and believe him when he made his wild declaration of love. BTW, while he is declaring he is undying love he also mentions that he though about killing her twice, really that is the stuff serial killers whisper to their victims. Yelena, of course, is flattered by it. I also felt lukewarm when Yelena said she loved him too, it didn't feel substantial to me at all. Not to mention that the place where they had sex was really ekie and nasty, the timing was also seriously off. That and the fact that they have barely held many deep conversation throughout the entirety of the book and the one event that started the supposed "tension" between them was Yelena giving Valek a back rub and then trying to undo his pants. Seriously, one would think there would be a lot more development done before having Yelena be that forward but there really wasn't, Valek hadn't even hinted at being interested.The plot? It was boring, this whole book was boring and the big reveal at the end was even more boring. I also felt emotionally disconnected from the characters and could never feel sorry whenever stuff happen to them or Yelena remembered being abused.