Sanctum - Sarah Fine I have never before regretted NOT finishing a book as much I am regretting this one.Uploaded with ImageShack.usI was really pump for it and gave it free passes like nobodies business when the story read disjointed in the beginning. I kind of liked Lela in the beginning but unfortunately, she and most of the cast, suffer from split personality disorder. Lela was made up to be this big bad ass girl but halfway through she turned into this big pile of mush. Malachi was also made out to be a hardass motherfucker by the authoress but he was just mushy dude dressed in armour. The story was disjointed, there would be big gaps in between chapters with scenes not properly flowing into one another. The plot sounds exciting but it sputters and stalls. Everyone in this book suffer from verbal diarrhea. There is one scene where Malachi ask Lela why she is looking for Nadia, her friend who is lost, and she give us 5 paragraphs of explanation. It's like, just keep it short and concise you know. Uploaded with ImageShack.usThere is just way too many info dump moments in this book, it makes for boring reading. I like authors to show me things instead of telling me things. The relationship felt too much like insta-love for me, especially when you are talking about a hard man like Malachi is supposed to be, he shouldn't have fallen so quickly yet he has barely talked to Lela and here he is desperately in love and risking his life. Lela has a similar thing happening, she is just swept her off of her feet. The whole thing just made me dubious, here she is having suffered terrible abuses and being a person who never trust easily yet she is trusting this guy with her life. I just don't buy it.Now, I know this is an unpopular opinion because the rating is so high but this book and I just didn't work out and its upsetting because the premise is really good.