A Million Suns - Beth Revis With this second installment into the series I see Revis growing into her writing and giving us way more action than in her last book. Once again, her strongest point is characterization and ability to make you feel emotions. The reason why I like this series so much is the claustrophobic feel that it gives you. The dangerous sensation that the only thing keeping you safe from the dangerous expanses of space is a old ship, already falling to pieces and painfully holding itself together. But the ship is not the only problem, the most dangerous problem of all is the crumbling society and chaos that ensues. In many ways this book makes you thinks about how truly important laws and order in society truly are, how desperation can bring about truly disastrous consequences and that the truth should be honoured above everything. Even if that truth is the hardest things once can face.The relationship between Elder and Amy continues to grow in this book, their personal struggles feeling very real. Forgiveness and choice seem to be a very big theme in their relationship. Amy still hasn't forgiven Elder for unplugging her and struggles with her feelings for him. The attraction between the is tangible and their relationship is very sweet. The ending was rather weak but it made me hunger for the next book no less. I can hardly wait for Shades of Earth.