The Diviners (The Diviners, #1) - Libba Bray In between 2 and 3 stars for me, it could have been 4 stars had it had a tighter plot and the characters storyline had meshed in a more cohesive manner. Maybe if 100 pages had been shave off this book and 2 or 3 POV had been deleted this book could have been something for sure. One of my problems with the book is that Evie and the rest of the cast remain the same throughout the story and never grow or evolved. This was really annoying for me because this book is quite long, very many things could have been fleshed out better. The plot in itself is quite thin and it suffers a bit because the cast is so big. The things I liked about this book was for one the 1920's setting, the idea of the dresses and time period was exciting, the speakeaesies and the touches that Bray pulled into her writing really gave you and atmosphere for the decade. I give Bray kudos for writing in an interracial relationship in the book, those are far and few in between. So overall, yeah you ought to give this book a try but I think that this is really the prelude to the second book. There is very little to be excited about except the novelty of a YA book set in Roaring 20's. Its sad, I wanted this book to happen very badly.You know what my biggest complain is? The fact that it took so long to read, because it was so boring, that the return grace period at Amazon expire and now I have shelled out $10 bucks for a book I will never touch again.Uploaded with