Losing It - Cora Carmack I don't know, this book I thought it be better. Bliss and I have the same problem, we just couldn't go through with it.But unlike Bliss I wasn't about to have a good time with a perfectly hot guy with nice manners, no I was about to have my brain melted because of the stupidity of it all. Bliss, I kid you not that's her name, she is an idiot, the biggest idiot in existence. Uploaded with ImageShack.usHer friend Kelsey is another idiot who pressures Bliss into going out and finding herself some random guy to whom to lose her virginity to because we all know how pesky it is to be virgin. Its a like a disease, one must lose it at a certain "sociably acceptable" time so nobody knows you have IT still.I like Garrick, he should have run far away from Bliss and found himself a sensible girl who would love him right and not the mess that this girl is. She has the emotional maturity of a 14 year old girl when it comes to sex and relationships.