Just One Day - Gayle Forman I am going to be honest and tell everyone that while I was trying to read this book page by page I previously skimmed it. I skimmed again and well let me tell you Allyson made me want to claw my eyes out. This girl is not sheltered, I've known sheltered girls, this girl is an idiot. Boys and Girls of all ages, this book is the perfect example of what NOT to do while abroad. Please take note:1. Enjoy your trip with your friends, friends you know and trust that have your back. 2. Be cautious of strangers and do not take off with them to another country where you do not know the language or a have a map or money to get around.3. Do not have sex with a strange boy or girl without protection, it can lead to very unpleasant STD's. Some not curable.4. If you do all the above and then get ditched after sleeping with said and then said person takes your watch and leaves you in a strange country, with a strange language, by yourself please Don't go looking for said person, leaving was not a mistake, they really meant to just ditch you steal your watch and use you to get their jollies while leaving you stranded Thank you, Boys and Girls, for any other future reference refer to this book on What NOT to do while abroad.P.S. Allyson is an idiot, I blame her mother for horrible parenting and Willem is an asshat and the worse kind of vermin. Do not romanticize this boy or this story.