Spirit (Elemental, #3) - Brigid Kemmerer I can't believe Kemmerer did THAT to me? I just... I can not believe it.It was a crazy thing. I love Hunter and doing that to him was like a sucker punch to the stomach. This poor boy has officially become Kemmerer's personal punching bag.Uploaded with ImageShack.usI have a bone to pick here when it comes to plot. There is NO plot movement in this book. I kept waiting for it but it never came, it read exactly like the previous books except this time we explore Hunter. We got absolutely NOTHING new regarding the Guides or who commands them at all. Its frustrating because we have already gone 3 whole books here and we get, maybe, like 1 new piece of info and the rest is just spent on the boys and their romantic problems and... Well, I love romance but I also want to read story and I want the plot to go somewhere. I have spent a pretty penny here buying this books and they have all read pretty much the same and that... it doesn't fly very well with me.Another thing that bugged me is the end, it just felt incomplete, when it came to the other two boys, I felt their story and personal journey's had been explore satisfactorily but with Hunter that just wasn't the case. I hated on Kate, but what happened to her was beyond shocking and Hunter being right there, hearing Silver murdered her was beyond cruel. It was all left on a huge cliffhanger, we barely scratched the surface with Hunter and his issues. He has so much left to explore emotionally and so many issues left that it is annoying that Nick will be the one to get the next book instead of Hunter. He deserves more time, he deserves to get another book and put closure to everything that happened to him but... I can just tell that is not going to happen as the next two books are about Nick and then Michael.Uploaded with ImageShack.usI don't know if I can continue this series if the next two books will just explore the romantic side of Michael and Nick and not expand on the plot. Its just too much money to pay to have every book read exactly the same except with different characters.The only reason this book is getting 3 stars is because Hunter's story manage to be much more suspenseful and exciting than the previous two books. I liked Gabriel but Hunter was better, Chris was boring and it felt more like Becca's story than his own.