Darkhouse - Karina Halle I dunno, this book is strange, much of it is all over the place and well... it kind of reads like that low budget movie "Paranormal Activity" I feel like the BIG thing this book banks on is all those creepy experiences we have all had at some point or heard about from family and friends.The real experiences, you know the ones people truly believed they had. Those are creepy ones because you know this person isn't crazy but they thought they saw something, of course one can always argue that it was sleep paralysis but people have been talking about ghost, demons, angels, heaven and hell since the dawn of time and I feel this is what this book and series is banking on.It was an okay book, it banked on the "supernatural" a lot. The dialogue was okay but the beginning was so boring and Perry was soo whinny I wanted to spork my eyes out. Dex is one creepy, shady sounding dude but Perry is equally disturbed and crazy so I guess they are even. I might read the next book but I don't know.