A Hidden Fire - Elizabeth   Hunter *some swearing, lots of anger*Uploaded with ImageShack.usI rated it 3 stars the other day and then... I had chance to sleep on it and that's when I got so beyond fucking angry. Giovanni is the one of the biggest asshole around, yes, he is. Beatrice is the biggest Mary Sue I had ever read. She doesn't know what she wants or where she goes or what she fucking does. She can't even muster the courage to call Gio on his shit when HE decides their relationship, after EVERYTHING that happened, is a no go because it is so dangerous (Oh, no!) But he had no qualms dragging her into that 'dangerous' world to begin with.Have I also mentioned that he is a loser of a vampire and that he fucking eats food? Seriously, is this for real? Also, vamps in this world are all civilized despite the contradiction that Gio says over and over again that the vampire have no rules. It painfully reminded me of Twilight, with all the 'good" vamps being able to live on animal blood..Uploaded with ImageShack.usThe plot? Are you kidding me, THIS book has NO plot. It all revolved around some dusty, mouldy books that Gio lost a long time ago that was are really sort of useless. And the villain is the biggest loser ever to set foot in the literary world. When he kidnaps Beatrice, to get her father for I don't know what, all he does is sort of keep her locked up, give her white clothes to wear (the horror!) and send stylist to dye her hair back to her natural color. I know, he is absolutely horrible! (sarcasm) Also there is no climax in this book nor very much action to be talked about.The supporting cast?All Gio/Beatrice shipper fangirls, trying their hardest to make Gio see the LIGHT. The attempts at giving them personalities is really pathetic.AND The teaser for the next book made so angry I thought I was about to go nuclear.Uploaded with ImageShack.usNow, that THAT is off my chest I am off to read something else. I'm sorry for the people I offended, its nothing personal.