Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles, #1) - Melina Marchetta I refused to read this book for the longest time because the blurb bore me to tears and then I sort of tried to read the first sentence of the sample for Kindle and didn't get in the mood for it. Darn, how wrong I was, once I sat down to read it this book turned around and told me this:Uploaded with ImageShack.usAnd of course this book was fabulous and dark and gritty and romantic and it made me cry a little and whimper some too. This book... this book is fucking epic. Seriously, EPIC!Evanjalin who is really Isaboe, really is that a spoiler to anyone? Anybody with half a brain can guess who she is of course Finnikin kind of fails at this task but I guess it was needed for the some parts to work, especially the misunderstanding between them. Finnikin does spent a fair share of the book angry at Isaboe... Uploaded with ImageShack.usYes, I picture him as Jhon Snow throughout the book. XDDbut mostly because she stirs hope in him that things can be put right. That Lumatere can fixed and their people's suffering can finally end after ten years in exile. I loved Isaboe and her scheming and how she manipulated everything and saved everybody. She was awesome I tell you, seriously every woman in this book whether or not they take up arms are strong and awesome in their own ways.Uploaded with ImageShack.usThere where times when the characters weren't perfect and sometimes I wondered if I would be able to forgive their crap and move on in order to continue reading but Marchetta does an awesome job at redeeming her characters and shaping them into real people.I honestly don't know why this book in the YA category because really the only thing can put it in the category is the age of the characters, the rest of the story is dark, gritty and there is a lot of sex here. So definitely Mature YA here.I am so glad that I finally picked up and read it. It was awesome.Uploaded with