Taking on the Dead (The Famished Trilogy, #1) - Annie Walls Actual Rating: 0.5 starsThis book lied to me. It did.It made me promise that it couldn't keep. This book, promise me an epic story of a zombie apocalypse only to turn into a "Days of Our Lives" soap opera episode with zombies and some gore splatter around just for shits and giggles. It starts out well enough, gory and dark just like any book with zombies should be like but then around 60% of the way through suddenly the plot vanishes and we start to focus on the drama unfolding between Kansas and her two love interest and the bane of my existence pops up to kick me in the head. Yes, a fucked up love triangle happens!More like love square really, because there is another girl added into the mix. I mean, there are zombie's out there and an infection suddenly happened and quite possibly the zombies are getting really smart and shit. BUT forget that, let's focus on the drama of Kansas and the pissy fight happening among two friends fighting for the right to tumble her. Seriously, it was tiring and I got really angry at the men because they both held back seriously important information from Kansas. And don't even get me started on the protagonist main love interest getting trapped into a relationship by her rival because said woman is pregnant, yes, you read that right the pregnancy trap. Really, the zombies where there for shock value and gore because the plot involving them is really thin and undeveloped. I was really closed to the end when I quit trying to make sense of it all, I just couldn't take anymore of that nonsensical crap. It was all quite nasty.