Faefever - Karen Marie Moning This book pissed me off, first because it reads like an improved book 1 just like book 2 read and the ending is beyond stupid. There is something here that made me really angry and that is when Mackayla says she suspects that she is bipolar because she is homicidal. First of all, Bipolar is mood disorder where people typically experience a state of mania followed by a deep depression. Mackayla does not sound bipolar, she just exhibits a couple of traits of PTSD, especially when it comes to her sister, her thoughts aren't erratic enough to warrant her thinking she is bipolar and how the hell would she know anything of a psychiatric evaluation when she admittedly has never had a proper post graduate education? It makes upset that the author would throw this kind of serious mental illnesses around and know little how to portray them.But what the hell am I saying, Moning has created a terribly abusive male in Barrons whom Mackayla romanticizes and thinks she can't do without. That and every male in this series abuses her and sexually harrases her, even the really nice ones. Now the ones that don't count AT ALL those are the ones who behave like they should but if you blink you missed it because they are gone. *sigh*And the end, the stupid end. Seriously, couldn't have Mackayla being afforded a little dignity? Couldn't, we, the female audience, being afforded the respect of having Mackayla have a more serious stand off? I guess we couldn't, after all this is a book romanticizing and glorifying an abusive relationship.