On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews So, I put this on my to-read list because I saw some good reviews of this book but the cover didn't quite convince me, I mean there is Fabio Declan (what kind of a name is that?) and I think that is Rose, of course. So at the beginning of the book I was like.Uploaded with ImageShack.usBecause Fabio Declan talked funny and his whole prince-charming personality bug me a little. Especially when he tells Rose how eat her food, it felt like instead of a prospective lover he was a prospective father figured. *shudders*I kind of liked William a little more in the end there but I guess she had to end up with prince charming. So there where times when I was like.Uploaded with ImageShack.usand times when I was likeUploaded with ImageShack.usbut overall I was likeUploaded with ImageShack.usAnd there was way too much cheese. So yeah, a lukewarm read and 2 solid stars. I will picked up the next book since it changes POV and William might provide a more exciting read.