Poison Princess - Kresley Cole I was really pump to read this book, I read the preview for amazon Kindle and I liked it. I liked Evie and her brand of crazy with all those vision, I tried to give Jackson the benefit of the doubt and like him.But... it was impossible. Evie devolved into a stupid girl who isn't able to see danger even if it jump up and bit her butt. Jackson.Uploaded with ImageShack.usHe is the worst. Seriously, the worst I have read when it comes to male love interest, he is one seriously dangerous and scary boy. He has anger management issues, calls Evie a bitch to her face and constantly plays with her emotions and attraction she feels towards him when they are interacting. He has shown little interest in her besides using her for sex, is constantly angry and bullies Evie at every turn. This dude has woman beater written all over him, he has zero redeeming qualities. I mean, I know Daemon was an ass to Katy in Obsidian but he had his really good moments and he really was putting on an act. Jackson is NOT putting on an act by being a complete asshole and intimidating Evie, this is the way he actually is. The author tries to make us feel sorry for him because he has lived all his life in this dirt poor, ghetto place and his mother is a drunkard but I just can't find it within myself to excuse all his douchebaggery towards Evie based solely on his psychological background. The plot... it was interesting but the character's really took away from it all and I just ended up abandoning this book.