Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Edit May 21/2013I must be on crack, that its the only reason I give for rescinding my previous review and saying I now presently love this book and think Vlad is sex on legs.What is going on with me?!Uploaded with ImageShack.us____________________________Update 02/11/2012So I changed my mind, this book is really a 3 star one. I read it until the end and the second half was better. I still didn't fall in love with Vlad, he continued to annoy me and failed to sweep me off my feet. Leila was better in the second half of the book but still very far from stellar. Dialogue was still lacklustre, the one I will comment on is the how plot heavy this book is, there is very little sex compare to other books in the category that I have read. I don't know if I will pick up the sequel, Vlad failed to dazzle me and his relationship with Leila was supposed to be complicated but really it come off as quite black and white to me. I know the author tried her best to write Vlad off like the hottest thing on this planet but I wasn't feeling it, In fact I ended up wanting for Maximus to be with Leila and was upset when it didn't happen.------------------------------------Boring book with cheesy dialogue and meh writing. I hate on Vlad's ass so much, he is a murdering bastard of a vampire. Leila is meh at best and very little happens to keep me interested in this book.Uploaded with ImageShack.us