Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill This book is Pride and Prejudice meets Twilight... in a bad way.Merit is the biggest most perfect mary sue that ever walked this earth. She rebels against all authority and has issue with anything and everything for no reason whatsoever. Ethan is the most vanilla Gary Stu I have ever met who has zero personality, he is supposed to be all awesome and hot according to other people but he comes across as some vanilla guy with entitlement issues.The prose is atrocious, repeated wording, sentences that don't makes sense and dialogue that is stilted. The supporting cast are cardboard cutouts whose only purposed is to fill in space so the "tumultuous" relationship Merit and "drop dead gorgeous" Ethan are supposedly having so it wil look that there is an actual working plot. The author also telegraph the plot twist a mile away and don't even get me started on the childish plot twist of having a pendant be the all terrible incriminating evidence against Merit's house. *sigh*It's really upsetting when books don't pan out, every time I pick out a book I do so with the high hopes that I will really, really like it and I am always hurt and disappointing when that doesn't happen.