Dreamfever - Karen Marie Moning So here it is, folks, Moning once again steps all over Mackayla, knocks her down and has a magical penis save her because she just CAN'T save herself. Mackayla ALWAYS needs a male to protect her over and over again. She continues to be abuse and harassed by any and all males. Her hootch continues to be the ultimate prize, and while Moning attempts to give her an edge, all she succeeds in doing is just making her sound ridiculous because she reads disjointed. Seriously, she has sex with Barrons for months and suddenly, with no training may I add (Mackayla has had 0 training in this whole series all she has done is survive by hanging on with her teeth and nails) she has muscle and can fire a gun (which she claims has been looking into getting some for some time, but it was not mentioned at all in the previous books. She picks one up and goes all Rambo on us and just because Moning wants to difficult she has Barrons and her at odds with each other, because hey! I need conflict for the next book and since she doesn't like writing action scenes we get stuck with Barrons and Mackayla drama. *sigh*The only reason I am giving this book 3 stars is because it finally reads differently from the previous tree, its predecessor just sounded like extensions and improvements on the first book. I do, however, have serious bone to pick when it comes to Mackayla getting gang rape and then getting better because Barrons came with his magical penis and fixed it with more sex, also Mackayla hardly exibits ny of the residuals fears and trauma experience by victims of this atrocious acts. She just has sex with Barrons for some times, gets up just fine, picks up a gun and goes out into the open with a bounced in her step. Seriously, Moning? Really? Why, do this and dismiss and used rape as a plot advancement without really dealing with it and its consequences? Why?*sighs*