Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning Seriously, I am so glad I just borrowed this from a friend and didn't buy it or I would be liable to scream and want to burn this books. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that should have happened in the previous 4 books of this series happens here. Everything that should have painstakingly expanded upon and explore, everything that would have made this series even remotely good happens in the fifth installment. However, this book not only suffers from mindfucking its readers, it also suffers from repeated "god in the machine' moments in which the plot simply makes sense because the author just wrote it like this and one has to accept it. Barrons is the ultimate example of making 'god in the machine' as he is given the ultimate of all get out of jail free cards. Mackayla is given so much power and alluded to be so many things that one thinks the next thing she'll think she is will be a duck. And she will go on and on how she is a duck and she can deal with it because she doesn't feel like a duck (if you read the book you will get my analogy) it is crazy. We finally fucking find out who killed Alina and it is such a disappointment as I think it was done merely for shock value and not anything else. Here I thought Alina would be given the keys to the kingdom and her death would mean something and the person who killed her would be an important element to the story well you can fucking forget it, this person is the least you would expect and also the most annoying and transient of them all in this series. This person also disappears after it is reveal they are the killer and they have 0 impact afterwards.The rest, well the rest was kind of weird and fucked up and all I kept thinking was "Seriously, ANOTHER plot twist? Don't we have enough crammed in in a single book?" This whole book just reads disjointed and erratic and Mackayla's confrontation with the book is just so anticlimactic you wondered why you thought it be any different. That and none of the villains get what they deserve at all. The Unseelie King is just a big idiot. Well there it is, I read it, this series only good hting is the world building the characters are just so awful you feel like banging your head against a wall after reading about them.I doubt I will read [b:Iced (Dani O'Malley #1)|12444166|Iced (Dani O'Malley #1) (Fever #6)|Karen Marie Moning||17427104] as Moning has suddenly decided that sexualizing and romanticizing relationship that border on pedophilia is the next big thing. I can't deal with that, I already dealt with enough contempt and violence towards a single female and more would just make my stomach turn.