The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa



Stop the presses, stop everything! Julie JUST about fucking killed me.


But, before I talk about how she killed me, tore my heart out and then made me eat it let's talk about the cover. Underneath that boring book jacket there is the most glorious cover EVER depicting Allie in all her glorious Asian heritage.


Isn't that cover just so FUCKING AMAZING?!


I had been quite angry before at the whitewash cover for the first book, and though I am still a bit miffed that they didn't put the cover model right on display and hid it with a book jacket, I am still absolutely THRILLED at seeing Allie on the cover looking very much Asian unlike last time.


Now, onto the book, OMG, Julie killed me, she absolutely gutted me. I loved this book better than the first, it so freaking creepy and scary. If you are squeamish then forget this series, blood and guts sprayed everywhere and more so in this one than the first. Allison was really badass this time around and I really enjoyed being in her headspace. I usually moan and bitch about first person narration but in this series I have absolutely no complains.This book is one thrill after another, the prose is awesome, Julie is really growing as a writer, it is a joy to see her get better and better.


The characters where all awesome and I found myself getting charmed by that bastard Jackal even when I had found him truly distasteful in the first book. I also kind of warmed up to Zeke, I had thought him pretty vanilla last book but in this one he truly surprised me.His relationship with Allie is truly touching and I found myself tearing up at the end. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, takes TALENT, I rarely, if ever, tear up with books at all.


All in all this book deserves those 5 stars.