Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee Edit April 28/2013OMG! I saw Angelfall in print form when I visited my favourite book store and I just about freaked. So many feelings right now, I always wanted to see Angelfall being sold at a major book store. Needless to say I bought a copy and put it on bookshelf so I can make googly eyes at it every now and then.Uploaded with book is amazing. Words just can't express just how much I love this book is so I will explain myself through varying gifs and hope you can understand. So at beginning I was like this and then later on this And finally at the glorious, amazing, flawless, wonderful, divine end at which point I started crying because it was over and I could not believe that it was over. This is how I look.I worship at the divine feet of authoress Susan Ee, I kiss the very ground she walks on and worship it because she has written one of the most amazing books I have gotten my hands on. She has turn me into a rabid fangirl and words fail me at describing the utter divine light that drips from this book. It is pure liquid gold, goand read it now, you will not regret it. And now onto the actual review, after all that gushing that I hope convince you of buying it.Meet Penryn, one of the most amazing, bravest, resourceful heroine I have been fortunate enough to read. She is AMAZING, strong, brave and determine to survive through any means possible, ready to go to any lengths to keep her family alive and, later on, save her sister in a apocalyptic world where there no longer is any law, any government and anarchy reigns supreme.Her love interest and male protagonist is a hot, hot, hot angel who, are you ready for this? Actually has a personality, a well flesh out story and tons of real charm even when he is being snarky and murderous. This character should be set out as the template from which to properly flesh out a mysterious and interesting male character. He opened his mouth and I was drooling all over at his wit, snark and utter amazingness (I don't think that's a word) that drip out from every sentence that he utter. I don't want to give too much away when it comes to plot but DAMN, AND TRIPLE DAMN it is so good, so well flesh out and it leaves you gasping breathless at just HOW GOOD IT IS. Finally an angel book that has it all, finally an angel book that is well thought out and well written. I can't say enough about this book, JUST read it, read it now.I give it a trillion infinite stars. Is that good.