Lieutenant Dallas continues to be awesome~!

Glory in Death - J.D. Robb

Let me start off by saying that I picked up this series and was highly skeptical of it, Roberts and I have never truly seen eye to eye and her brand of cheese in the Romance genre doesn't truly appeal to me. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I would enjoy reading this book.

Gritty, dark, emotional and downright shocking. Everything that makes crime fiction and police procedural entertaining. There where times when the writing got really graphic, there where horrible mentions of murder and child abuse. I was surprised that Roberts had in her to deliver quite like this, in such a gritty style that left one shocked. I was also surprised to find it that I enjoyed it very much and mostly picture the entire book in black and white as I read along.

I liked Eve, the main character, she is hard and rough around the edges. Demons haunt her but she stays competent throughout the book. I really subscribed to her tough attitude and closed off emotional state. Roarke was a sexy male love interest and there where times when I really liked him and like Eve he is also quite hard, but soft when it counts, which really compliments Eve. 

I liked their ambiguous relationship and how even after having had sex they where even more entertaining and not less. Some author get their main couple together and it gets boring, but Roarke and Eve where really entertaining and great to read about. I wished the sex had more descriptive and less ambiguous, it would have added to the graphic parts of the book but I guess one can't have it all in this life.