Lies and whole lot of bullshit

The moment Amazon acquired GR I knew shit would go down.


I know we where promise by the former owners that nothing would change, but he could have sworn that on his mother's grave and I wouldn't have believed him because he simply wasn't in charge anymore and he was bound to lie to keep the site running.


The ensuing silence at GR management is damning. They just plain don't want to deal with this. They have change their policy to a draconian set of rules that prevents us readers from knowing when authors behave like assholes outside the site and attack their readers. 


Of course their bad behavior would be turned on us because they backed my publishing houses that want to make money out of those books and we... well, we are the disenfranchise little reviewer that should push aside because the uncomfortable truth that publishing houses should tell their author to "shut up and suck it up" when bad reviews come is just not acceptable. No, let's turn this on the readers and make a point of telling us that if X author says shit then to separated from the book you are about to purchase with your hard earned money. In other words, shut up and let me put my hand in your wallet you are too stupid to think anyways.


What GR has done, or rather Amazon, because we all know these where orders from above, is unacceptable and offensive. GR thrive on reviewers that where free to express their opinions and people where able to trust the reviews on GR as being an honest statement and not something censure because we suddenly can't say that X author is a pedophile or a bully who tries to make the reviewer of his book see the "light" because his book is awesome and we are wrong.




At this point I am idling on GR because thy a good book catalog but with this debacle I am sure another website will pop up to fill the spot and I will easily be able to make the transition to that one and leave GR for good.