Reflected in You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #2)

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day

“I’m new to this therapy thing,” Gideon said later, after we’d gotten back into the Bentley and were heading home. “So I’m not sure. Was that the train wreck it felt like it was?”



Yes, Gideon, it's a fucking train wreck. This was darn funny at times, infuriatingly realistic and sometimes downright shocking and chilling.



Well, turns out I didn't need a really long time to digest the first book and then pick up the second. I read it all in one day. HEH! And what I feel would have made this book better was a confrontation with Nathan. He is talked about so much yet he never truly appears anywhere and that bug me. But the rest, while frustrating to the third degree, I felt it was well done.Especially Gideon's sleep parasomniac was well done and it's effects on his relationship with Eva.


Also, I am so glad that the author is not taking the easy way out and giving him a magic cure to all his problems. That would be a disservice to abuse survivors everywhere and a major snub to all her readers. We all need to see them go through this process, the good and the infuriatingly bad.

I was especially pleased with the chapters in which Eva and Gideon went to couple's therapy, it was quite realistic and at times entertaining. Dr. Petersen really did hit the nail in the head when it came to their sex life. I found it fascinating how the author went through extremes to show how victims of sexual abuse have a failure to bond with their partners and sometimes resort to sex to feel attach. Herein lies Eva and Gideon's problem, they cannot properly feel attach, because while they love each other the abuse perpetrated on them has left them incapacitated to go through a healthy relationship so they resort to codependency, need constants assurance that they are love and seek most of those assurances through sex and this is why their sex life is so passionate. That was really well done.


I especially liked how Eva grew some steel in this book, while her behavior and thought process was quite infuriating through most of the book I felt it was true to her character and the trauma she experience as a child. Same with Gideon, you see when people go through sexual abuse at an early age in life they later carry on all those problems into ALL their relationships, be it romantic, friendship or parent/child, and it causes problems because they feel unable to emotionally connect or feel love.


I also found quite believable how at times, without meaning to, they would turn abusive on each other. While Eva cannot physically dominate like a man would, she seeks to dominate Gideon by inciting him into sex and making jealous as his possessive streak reassured her of his love. Gideon also pushes the envelope and his behaviour turns semi-abusive, and while Eva's is more subtle and a man's abusive behaviour is more in your face (ex. hitting, raping) he still seeks to control her every move and he hits with words, although Eva loves to do this to him as well, because there is a barely suppressed rage because of the abuse he has suffer.


Reading about how Day intents to have them work through their issues is going to be quite the thing really. There is no "cure" for emotional traumas, one gets better but you can never, ever be the same after abuse has touched your life. It is possible to move on and have it strengthened you, but first a person has to face the truth that nothing will ever be the same again and that takes a lot of guts.


I know people are angry and think Day is stretching the story but its not feeling that way to me, not with all the problems this two have. They have a long journey ahead and really the entire plot of this books is their relationship so it makes sense it would be a slow and painful process.