Origin - Jessica Khoury Everything that I had expected and more. This is such a lovely, dramatic story full of love and hope. Raising questions about just how far we are willing to go in name of progress and asking if the end truly justifies the means. Really, Pia is a wonderful narrator, a truly likeable character who grows with the story, full of strength and life and love. Her sense of wonder is infectious and her relationship with Eio is so true. You feel the love that binds them together and you just can't help but want them to be together, to have the life and happiness they both deserve. The ending is wonderful and leaves you wanting to cry tears of joy because love truly does conquer all. Really wonderful, lovely book worth every penny spent and every minute worth the wait. I can't say enough about it.Uploaded with ImageShack.usThis is an author to watch for, she has gift with words and emotions.