Bared to You (Crossfire, #1)

Bared to You (Crossfire, #1) - Sylvia Day

EDIT. 14/09/2013


I had forgotten how I liked this book and series until I read it again. I just love Gideon, Eva is such a lucky bitch.




I never thought I would give this book 4 stars much less like it, but I did. I like it, so much that I inducted it into my select "favourites" shelf. That is huge because it's being a long while since I have inducted any books into that shelf and I never thought I would read this book without wanting to thrashed it after I was done.


Please give an standing ovation to Authoress Sylvia Day. She has a deft touch that very few, select author have in order to capture the subtle nuances that make up a tumultuous relationship. She is really quite good. This book has a working prose, flesh out characters and an actual story line people.

Yes, you read that right, this book has a plot and it is interesting and catching enough to make like a romance set in a contemporary setting. That is huge, ladies and gentlemen, HUGE because I usually skew this books like the plague. And no, it is nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey, its similar but not in the ways that made me hate that series.


Talking about the story would give too much away ( however I would give away a warning of triggers sexual abuse is a huge issue so if that bothers you you might want to step away) but suffice to say that it is intense and that there is plot aside from the scorching, raw sex.


I liked Eva and I liked Gideon and that takes talent, most of the time I feel lukewarm when it comes to couplings, it takes a special touch for me to feel the intensity but I felt it with these two. They where intense and Day capture that out of control feeling that comes when you meet a person that makes you feel irrational at all levels.


It is really good but I am afraid I am reaching my saturation point with romances and must step away. I will probably pick up the next book a week or two from now. But this is good, if you are in the mood for an intense relationship and tons of sex well here it is, really some of the best.