Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between (Rhiannon's Law #1)

Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between (Rhiannon's Law #1) - J.A. Saare Okay, so maybe I have turned into a extremely picky and elitist reader but this book was all the place in terms of character, plot and pacing.The characters are just all over the place, I could never quite grasp their individual personalities. Rhianon does for most of the book an excellent impression of a surly teen who tries too hard to be a hardass but its in fact just a scared woman dressing up tough and putting on an attitude but everyone says how special and brave she is. Disco (pfft! hahahahaha!) whose real name is Gabriel (thank the heavens for that serious sounding name) is just... sort of there but we really don't get much on him, he is pretty vanilla as is his friend Goose *cringes* Those nickname are really bad, by the way, all they make think when come into a scene and talk to Rhianon is that she is literally talking to a goose and a man with a disco ball for head. The plot The plot sort of gets lost and then is fond again only be lost in the horribly slow and boring pace everything is written in. They aren't that many action scenes. In fact, I can't remember one, either I forgot it or they happened and they where unremarkable. I honestly skimmed the 20% I had left of the book because it was so boring. I have book 2 sitting on my Kindle however so I will read the next one at some point but don't hold your breath.