Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6)

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6) - Ilona Andrews

So here is the deal, Kate has always been right, ladies and gentlemen, bodyguard detail is BOORING. Thank goodness reading Kate and Curran interact and tidbits about their home life is fun.


Now, compare to books 4 and 5 this book slowed down but compare to everything else it is darn good. At least the second half was great, the beginning was okay but the middle was abysmal if you set it by high standard of previous Kate Daniels books. I wish the whole book would have been more of a search and rescue type of thing but some parts where really glorious. Book 7 ought to be amazing.


I kind of felt like this book was the precursor to everything else. Soooo, we hit some pacing issues about 30% of the way and the drama lama that reared its head was thoroughly hated on by me and many other fans. HOWEVER, the main story line continues to be awesome and even seething with jealousy Kate manages to keep her dignity intact.


This book will be loved by all die hard fans of the series but the drama lama might bite you a bit while reading this installment so be prepared for it and do not despair it goes away in a glorious flaming way. BTW, Hugh D'Ambray's brand of crazy was really a highlight.