Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin Trilogy Series #1)

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers Really good book, I literally couldn't put it down and read it all in one day without skipping any pages. Ismae is a strong, brave girl who is no stranger to pain and a great narrator for this book. She smiles like a woman and feels like one yet she kills and plots like a man. She has zero compunction in killing and taking up arms, she is crafty and clever and a joy to read.I very much enjoyed the tension between her and her love interest and the fact that the first thought she entertains when it comes to him is just how heated and difficult it would be to fight and kill him and really wants to find out. Her powers are scary yet not fantastical enough that one doesn't believe them. And many of the supporting characters in the book are really interesting.Gavriel Duvall is an interesting leading man and I get a good kick out of the fact that he acknowledges the heroines skills and powers and understand that he is right to fear her and be cautious around her. He lack some spice but not enough to detract completely from the book and overall experience. In fact his best scenes are always when he is angry, those are the parts where he truly becomes interesting.As far as writing goes I feel that the author needs to work somewhat in the old style that she was writing but it flows better as the books goes forward. The sequel might do better in this department. I give it 5 stars because there wasn't one second where I was bore and wanted to skip ahead in the book like sometimes I find myself doing. It kept my attention all throughout and I cheered for the heroine all throughout. Great read.