This one is going to be a long ass review

Fragments - Dan Wells

This book gets 1 star for having being written in second person limited POV, I am SOO sick of reading first person POV in YA and most of the time I have to force myself to read through those books. And unless the author is very, very skilled at properly instilling personality on their characters the voices will all blend into one in my head and I will feel like I've read the same book previously, only with a different cover and under a different pen name. So the fact that this book is written in second person limited just made the whole ride so much more enjoyable.

Fragments also gets another star for Dan Wells's prose because it is so damn good, so descriptive and minute and it flows so effortlessly that even when he is writing a whole chapter about ONE character its entertaining. That, folks, is a FEAT of veritable proportions, very few author's write quite this well. In fact I count him amongst stars such as Julie Kagawa, Rachel Hartman, Alison Goodman and Melina Marchetta when it comes to prose. Yes, its THAT good. 

Another star goes to character development and having written down one of the most bad ass female protagonist I have ever have the pleasure to read. Kira is a an awesome character, she is so strong, so determine, so endearing and so amazingly charismatic. She needs no man to solve her problems and she faces down everything with such poise, such determination. I just... this deserves a round of applause.





Also, one has to fucking love Samm, he is so hot and awesome and all around a great guy. I love his interactions with Kira, their whole relationship just makes the story all that much more interesting. Have I mentioned that I love him? He has such faith in Kira and I just find myself cheering them on. I want him to get cure, I want Kira to be cure. I want them to be together, and have babies, and live in a farm, forever happy until the end of their days. They deserve it, Samm deserves to have a happy ending, Kira deserves a happy ending.

Am I boring you talking about how much I love Samm?




This two have such an awesome connection that I just... Arghh! I can only explain it through a gif.




Did you feel that? 

Yes, that is Samm and Kira and I just keept thinking to myself "There is no way these two are not in love.' In fact, Wells kind of kept me on my toes, for a second I thought they weren't in love. That was damn trycksy of him. But you can't fool me, no way, I am a romance smelling hound dog.

The supporting cast is also really, really good, I enjoyed reading about Marcus and then I really, really liked Ariel and her "don't fuck with me" attitude. I also really liked Afa, poor Afa, he deserve to be happy too but sometimes in this fucked up world that they are all living it, happiness is a very expensive commodity and not all can have it.

A fourth star goes to plot and how I everything was so complicated and to be honest I just DON'T know what is going to happen. Usually I see the BIG plot twist coming a mile but Wells has done an awesome job at keeping me guessing and wondering and scratching my head. One can really tell that Wells has thought of all the finer points in this story. 

And finally a fifth star goes to that ENDING, that ending. What the hell? I could not BELIEVE he would do this to me. This is upsetting right now, that ending killed me.


How am I supposed to wait patiently for the next installment after THAT?