Cheese on steroids

Lord of the Fading Lands  - C.L. Wilson

This book is like crack, you know its cheesy and over the top but I just want to keep reading it. And yes, maybe Rain screws up so much and Ellie needs to grow some fangs and claws but the wonderful prose and awesome world building just eclipse so much of the cheesiness that usually cannot stand.

This book is romantic and that is so hard to say of most books, most of the time they veered into cheesiness especially when you factor in the soulmate trope but Wilson did it really well. I mean how can you not just faint when the Rain ddeclares his undying love and devotion to Ellie like this:

Ver reisa ku'chae. Kem surah, shei'tani. Your soul calls out. Mine answers, beloved.” 

I swooned and died, it was so great that I just smiled dumbly. The ending was really sweet and they where times that left me starry eye. I guess I was in the mood for romance to the third degree with excellent prose and amazing world building.